It's Time for Real
Progressive Change
for the Central Valley 

Despite tough challenges and trials, including the deadliest pandemic in our nation's history, the people of the Central Valley stand strong and are rising up. As we recover and reopen, the Valley needs a real champion for our working families in Washington. Lourin Hubbard is that champion.

He knows firsthand what it's like to struggle and to face economic hardship -- and how political games and partisan politics waged by career politicians have only made things worse for working families in our communities. Lourin is passionate about building a diverse coalition of working and middle-class families behind a bold platform for progressive change.

Lourin Hubbard is running for California's 22nd Congressional District, comprising portions of Fresno and Tulare counties,  to replace national embarrassment, Congressman Devin Nunes. 

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Lourin's top priorities

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Medicare for All

Health care is a fundamental human right. No one should have to choose between putting food on the table and obtaining life-saving treatments for their family. Yet too many people are forced to make those choices every day. In Congress, I won't stop fighting until every American has health coverage and access to the highest quality health care.

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Affordable Childcare & Family Leave

As child care costs soar across our District and our country, I will fight to make childcare affordable and accessible for all. Investing in our parents and kids not only is key to promoting gender equality, economic security, and successful learning outcomes for our children, but also creates thousands of jobs and supports our working families.

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Quality Education for All

Our students are confronting a student debt crisis and, for far too many, college is growing out of reach and apprenticeship programs are few and far between. Tackling the growing inequities in our communities starts with making sure that all of our children and young adults have access to a quality education, from pre-K and early education to all the way through college or trade and apprenticeship opportunities.

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Building a Green Economy

Time is running out for us to meaningfully combat the climate crisis. Scientists and experts are unanimous: we must act now. But rather than leading the world on climate, our country has fallen behind and sat on its hands for far too long. The Central Valley can become a leader in investing in renewable energy technologies, creating thousands of jobs, and ushering in a green industrial revolution for our future generations.

Why I'm Running

Like all parents, I stay up at night worrying about my daughters' futures. Like you, I want my children to grow up in an America of limitless opportunity, freedom, and security.


However, political dysfunction in Washington D.C. and self-serving career politicians like our former Congressman, Devin Nunes, have put the next generation's future in jeopardy, as they continue to ignore and downplay threats like soaring income inequality, climate change, and the growing erosion of our democracy.


The Valley needs new representation, and a bold commitment to progressive change, if we're going to secure that future of opportunity and freedom for our children. 

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“The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change."