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The people of the Central Valley are rising up in spite of all of the trials facing us including recovering from the deadliest pandemic in our nation's history. As we come to a crossroads, Lourin Hubbard is ready to be a voice for working families in Congress. He knows what it’s like to face economic hardship, student loan debt,   —and knows firsthand the pain that partisan failures have inflicted on the Valley. Lourin is passionate about building a diverse coalition of working and middle-class families behind a daring platform for progress.


Lourin's Top Priorities

Universal Healthcare

Healthcare is a fundamental human right. No one should have to choose between buying food, medicine, or the health of their family. Yet we are forced to make those choices every day. We must ensure every American has health  coverage and access to the highest quality healthcare.

Affordable Childcare/ Family Leave

Making affordable childcare assessable for all. As childcare costs soar across this district and our country acting is key to providing gender equality, successful learning outcomes for our children, and support for working families. Early investments in child success pay enormous dividends while creating millions of good jobs for early childhood educators.

Accessible Education

In order to begin to address the inequities in our communities we must have equitable access to quality education. From early education through adult education, we must build and maintain an affordable, quality education system accessible to all residents.

Green Economy

The last decade has terrified the US’s leading Environmental Communities. Rather than leading the world’s climate and energy policy, the U.S. has fallen behind not only our developed-world allies, but even rising powers such as China and Brazil. The Central Valley can become the leader of renewable energy for the country and lead in the green industrial revolution and create the jobs of the future.

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Why I'm running....

I was born and raised in the Central Valley  and I know the importance of community to the success of our future. I understand firsthand the issues and challenges facing the people of this district. I am guided by the principle that everyone, not just the privileged and affluent, deserve access to opportunity and the freedom to pursue their own happiness.

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"The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change. "

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