Expanding Childcare and Paid Family Leave for Working Families

As child care costs soar across our District and our country, I will fight to make childcare affordable and accessible for all. Investing in our parents and kids not only is key to promoting gender equality, economic security, and successful learning outcomes for our children, but also creates thousands of jobs and supports our working families.

Where to start:

  • Renew a federal commitment to supporting parents and families by supporting incentives for employers that provide child care and incubating successful state-level family leave and child care programs.

  • Create a national paid family leave program based on six months of leave for all." to: "Create a national paid family leave program, with every parent and working adult eligible, that includes six months of leave and time off for families during the moments that matter most.

  • Pass national fair scheduling legislation. It is unacceptable that so many low-wage workers in the retail and service industries are forced to work multiple jobs and still struggle just to get by. They deserve the flexibility and income security equivalent to the essential nature of their work and to raise a family.