Acting on Climate and Building a 
Green Economy

Time is running out for us to meaningfully combat the climate crisis. Scientists and experts are unanimous: we must act now. But rather than leading the world on climate, our country has fallen behind and sat on its hands for far too long. The Central Valley can become a leader in investing in renewable energy technologies, creating thousands of jobs, and ushering in a green industrial revolution for our future generations.​


Where to start: 

  • Commit to a 100% renewable energy, net-zero emissions future and expanding both current and emergent renewable power sources, retrofitting buildings and homes for energy-efficiency, incubating zero-emission construction and manufacturing practices, and investing in clean, alternative modes of transportation such as high-speed rail.

  • Confront environmental injustice head on. Communities in the Central Valley suffer from some of the worst cases of asthma in the country. We must create an environmental justice fund that will tackle environmental issues that disproportionately affect low-income and communities of color, such as lead in drinking water and toxic air pollution.

  • Hold chronic polluters and bad corporate actors accountable for their lies and deploying every legal and political method to do so, including ending rebates for the fossil fuel industry and introducing criminal liability.

  • Secure a just transition that invests in training and adjustment resources for workers currently employed in the fossil fuel industry and communities deeply embedded in the extraction economy and gives unions a seat at the table.