Medicare For All

Health care is a fundamental human right. No one should have to choose between putting food on the table and obtaining life-saving treatments for their family. Yet too many people are forced to make those choices every day. In Congress, I won't stop fighting until every American has health coverage and access to the highest quality health care.

Studies and countries such as Canada and France have shown that a single-payer, Medicare for All model can increase access, improve health outcomes, and lower costs.

Where to start:

  • Pass the Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Act, the Prescription Drug Price Relief Act, and the Affordable and Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act to allow for price negotiation and trade of life-saving drugs, medications, and treatments.

  • Eliminate pre-existing medical debt.

  • Destigmatize mental health diagnoses, expand mental health services for all Americans, and increase funding for mental health research.

  • Build on bipartisan initiatives to speed funding for cancer research, trials, and therapies.

  • Protect and expand reproductive health care for all.

  • Prioritize addressing maternal health care disparities and expanding post-natal support and access to child care services.