Addressing Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis

Drug addiction is ravaging our communities here in the Valley. To resolve this crisis, we must stop seeing opioid use disorder as a crime or law enforcement issue, and begin to approach it as the medical condition that it is.


Where to start:

  • Equip first responders with the resources they need to save lives in emergency situations.

  • Increase the number of substance abuse treatment providers, especially in underserved communities, by incentivizing practitioners and investing in community-based programs.

  • Decriminalize and legalize cannabis, expunge past cannabis-related convictions that have disproportionately incarcerated Black and Brown communities, and take the revenue going to the drug cartels and dealers and reinvest it in the communities hit hardest by the War on Drugs.

  • Stem the flow of opioids by holding the big pharmaceutical companies responsible and liable for knowingly flooding our communities with highly addictive and destructive drugs.